Buy medical marijuana stocks-Has legaliztion benefitted sales


Buy medical marijuana stocks

There has been a craze to buy new marijuana stocks as well as penny marijuana stocks. In Canada marijuana sales would be made completely legal from October 2018, US has been lagging behind due legal constraints.

The Best medical marijuana stocks to invest in-

.1.CGC-Canopy Growth Corp. Is the number one, medical marijuana company, based in Smith Falls, Ontario, founded in 2014. Has a market cap of $11.6 billion. Started out as a penny stock in 2012 Stock symbol at Toronto Stck Exchange is WEED. On NYSE as CGC. When recreational marijuana becomes legalized on October 17, 2018,, Canopy Growth will benefit immensely.

Constellation Brands, a major alcohol company, has invested 4 billion and owns 38 % of the company. Canopy was known as Tweed Marijuana. It was a penny stock in the OTC market under the symbol TWMJF

Tweed was trading in the TSE for $5.10 a share, Canada was the First country in the world to legalize Medical marijuana in 2001 After Constellation Brands investment Analysts placed a price target of $19. Today its trading above $51

Canopy has invested in foreign countries such as Australia, Latin America and Europe.

2.ACB-Aurora Cannabis Inc.
one of the most popular, viable, profitable stock, that’s gathering momentum. It has a “Buy” rating and has a 52-year-High price of $15.20 and a low of $2.50 a share. It is also listed as Strong Buy by two analysts. This company has been gong on a buying frenzy with many recent acquirement of smaller cannabis companies.

It sells dry cannabis and Cannabis oil and has been trading since October 2016

This was trading at the lowest price of $2.50 a share, but I was not sure and I neglected it. And now wish I did not. The price has rocketed to $15 a share, and seems destined to reach new height soon

3.APHQF-Aphria Inc. Low cost producers of Marijuana producer, Ontario based. And on track to yield 255,000 kilograms of Cannabis annually. And it would be the third largest grower in Canada.

What now-

After, marijuana becomes legalized on October 17, 2018, it could open the door to illegal sales to minors. This is a major concern for the parents. To curb this, the government has placed restrictions already. Despite those laws, it could still cause a widespread use of marijuana all over the country.

Would that mean Canada, a pot infilled country ? It is a possibility even with tough laws.

So what would be the answer. To make pot illegal again. These are the questions the politicians should and must ask themselves. The responsibility falls mainly upon the current Canadian Prime Minister who initiated the legalizing of marijuana.

Will the public forgive him if the use of illegal consumption of Marijuana goes out of control. Only way to find that out be the elections in 2019. That would clearly indicate the public think of the legalization of medical marijuana.

Lengthy Marijuana use could affect memory. It will cause short term memory. Also, one could get addicted easily. It also can impair one’s judgment when driving. Will cause blurred vision resulting in accidents. It can even affect one’s driving skills and will end up in a crash.

It also can bring memory problems and problems to the brain. It can compromise the release of Dopamine in the brain. It can also increase appetite and result i obesity.

Pros of marijuana use-The legalizing of marijuana would definitely reduce the Canadian black market. And it would bring in new businesses and increase government revenues through taxation.

Cons of marijuana use-It raises concerns for the military and work pace safety. It can increase drug impaired driving resulting in highway crashes and death. And it can result in financial problems for most.


Though the negative side far outweighs the positive; there is a positive side to the legalization of pot in Canada. It has been a boon to stock traders, been able to make large profits in investing in leading Canadian pot companies.

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