How to stay home and make money

How to stay home and make money:

Everybody, like to stay home and make money. Yes, it can be done. There are variety ways including on the internet.

One way to make money is collect unused items at home like old electronic items, old furniture, coins, stamps, used clothes and other unwanted items and have a garage sale. You definitely make some money that way. Just ensure it is done during summer.

For items like coins, stamps the best places would be eBay, kijiji. Or the local newspaper. Another easy method of making money, would be to buy from friends unused items that they are willing sell at bargain prices.

These could be from old record players, records, and even old cars. Old antiques that can be bought at a bargain price could make you rich.

These items can be sold on EBay, Craig list or Kijiji. Always try sell them with a minimum profit. For cars use automotive section of EBay. These antiques can be sold with a 50% or more profit.

Then, you can invest in stocks and bonds. Here you need to have a substantial amount of money to invest. You can borrow to invest from banks. If you find winning stocks that are rising in profits, you will make some money.

You need to study these stocks almost daily. If it rises sell them and make a profit. If they are declining in price sell them and re invest some.

Nowadays, many pay high prices for TV. The alternative, depending on where you live is to buy an IPTV box and find a seller who will offer IPTV services. They charge around $12 for 4000 more TV channels. You will save 100 dollars off from what you have been paying for regular TV/Cable services. All you nee to do is buy an IPTV box (available on Amazon and eBay) and find an IPTV seller.
You yourself start an IPTV services company.All you need is to find serve who distributes 4000 channels globally.


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