I am sure you must have heard of the revolutionary, TV streaming called iptv or internet protocol TV. IPTV offers the ability to stream the source media continuously. It is Video and Audio delivered over an internet connection.

High price:

Many consumers are being forced to pay exorbitant prices for TV whether it is through Cable or Television lines. Usually, one can expect to pay in CAD 100 average for a decent TV service.

Major companies like for Rogers charge $110 for TV services with all the major channels. And it’s rival Bell charges average of $150 for a decent service

Withe prices soaring consumers have no choice but to turn to now popular IPTV services. There are many operators in Canada. I think it is time the government intervened and streamline these services.

The good thing about it is there are many small scale iptv operators who have taken advantage of iptv. Some offer it for just $10 while other operators charge $15-20 a month.

I was skeptical at first. Then I saw it operating at my friends house. I saw no difference i quality or the sharpness of the picture. It was just like the normal services offers by other companies.


Minimum initial charges; All you need is to buy an iptv for $120. These boxes are available in most electronic stores. And you need to spend $10 for the remote. And first month charge of $10 all in all you need only a total of $140 to get you started,

And thereafter a monthly fee of $10 Yes, it’s that cheap. Caution, there are many boxes in the market, especially cheap boxes from China. They are no good. Buy quality boxes from Ukraine, the MAG series, The best is MAG 266 or at least a modest MAG 322.

These boxes come with the remote sometimes included, depending on the manufacturers. These are black square boxes.

I need to mention here that there are Android boxes, as well. It all depends on your taste.


In some states, iptv is illegal. Therefore, you need to check the
laws. However, if you are provided these services by the seller, you are
not legally binding. No need to worry.

There is also a possibility the tv screen getting frozen. The solution is to have a high speed connection.

Buy Now 

Usually the seller will come to your house to install and program iptv. And he will charge you between 60-80 dollars. This is not necessary. All you have to do is to go to a Best Buy store or a similar store and buy an iptv box for $120 and a small Ethernet cable for $5, a quality HDMI cable for $15 and go home and call the seller.

He will provide you with all the details on how to program it. All you need is to connect the iptv box to a power outlet at home, and plug in one end of the Ethernet cable to your internet Modem and the other end to the iptv box.

Listen to the provider on the phone. He will ask you just use the remote to punch in some numbers. Hooray ! you have TV.

And over 3000 Channels, All major US, Canada, UK and all the Global channels, all premium sports channels, Premium paid channels, many languages, YouTube and many other features like All sports channels, Music, anything you want.


Many of us are being forced to pay high prices for TV. The new concept of iptv has come with an alternative, For fraction of the cost we can watch TV now. It can be set up easily and you yourself can programme it. And there is no difference between the regular TV and iptv.

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