Problem with wealthy affiliate

Problem with wealthy affiliate:

I know I have been promoting WealthyAffilate program for a long time. But, now I would hesitate. The reason is that after being with them for 7 long months I realized that it does not work for many members.

They unfairly, charge all members a monthly,  $49 as long as you are a member. Most of them just hang on with it till they make some money from commissions.

But sad reality is they do not.

Yes, they have members with testimony of huge successes. But How many ?  maybe 500 maximum who has made substantial amount of money.

Pros: good affiliate training program, with great community support.

excellent tech support.

Black Friday sale for annual membership

Video training on most website building aspects.

Cons: They have millions of videos for you to follow, which is absolutely meaningless. What they are trying to do is try and keep members busy with these tons of videos.

Have a membership points system which will go down drastically if you take a break.

You must keep writing, adding content, with at least 2 posts a week. Or else they say the Google rankings will fall.

This could be challenged as if you write “shoddy” articles just for rankings, it will not work, as Google looks for Quality content, not garbage.

It will take months if not years to make any money from commissions and those who have successfully made their money.made it by just promoting WA.  I realized only after completing my 6th month with them. Not that I am stupid, but WA kept encouraging me by saying it takes time to make money.And also they said I could make it with any niche.

My niche was Religion. And I realized all who made money , made it only by promoting, WA.

No refunds given, unlike in programs like SoloBuildIt (SBI) who offers a 3 month Free trial and at the end of trial if you want cancel, they offer 100% Refund of your money. Solo Build It

90% of the members fail and leave. And when I left them eventually, I received this email from them.

“This is a notice that the web space for the following domain(s) will be deleted from the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Network in 30 days.

  • dealsiterubixcom

You are receiving this 30 day warning because you are no longer a Premium member.  To keep your websites up and running you can re-open your Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate by resubscribing.

When you resubscribe your websites will no longer be queued for removal and your websites will resume at the highest level of WordPress hosting in the industry.

To reconnect your membership and keep your hosting profile active, using the following link:


We would love to have you back at Wealthy Affiliate where you can benefit from our state-of-the-art hosting platform.  You can run your entire business from Wealthy Affiliate and benefit from the best support, training, and tools in the industry ”

And fortunately for me I  transferred all my websites before I cancelled my services.If not they would have held them  hostage.

There are some members , who think they are “it”. As on the comments platform they have, when you make a comment, and when a senior member gets it, it will be rejected with rude comments by them.

They ave two decent  creators of this program, Kyle and Carson. However they are unable to control action of other senior members.

After seven months I left and got my websites transferred to a much better and cheaper Hosting for just $5 a month. And I am relieved and happy that I do not have to worry about paying $49 a month to wealthy affiliate and not make a cent in profit.

After a while you get tired of writing articles on the same subject.It is not easy to write at least 2 articles of minimum  2000 words in a week.they have to be unique.Most at WA hire professional writers to do the work.

In my case, I could not afford to pay hundreds of dollars a week to content writers. Unless you are a unique content writer I would not recommend you joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I was warned by its owners that if I move my sites to another Hosting that I will not get the same speed. Which is not true as my sites actually loads faster now. And I am not under pressure to write 2 articles a week just to ensure I get some value out of it.



While wealthy affiliate is a good program, it fails in its ability to sustain membership. Most  will leave as once you learn “how to build a website” there is nothing more to learn.

You can learn on “you-tube” anything more you want to learn about building a website.

It promises “the world” but can not guarantee they will. But I eventually came across this program, which beats wealthy affiliate program by miles-Make Money Today

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  1. Very accurate description of Wealthy Affiliate, especially this bit: “And I realized all who made money , made it only by promoting, WA.”

    I am the Marketing Director at SiteSell, the company behind Solo Build It!. Not sure if you’ve seen our detailes study about the success and failure rates of Wealthy Affiliate members:

    The results in a nutshell:

    Solo Build It! sites are 33 times (33X) more likely to achieve “Outstanding – Excellent” levels of traffic than Wealthy Affiliate.

    Solo Build It! sites are 10 times (10X) more likely to achieve “Medium” levels of traffic than Wealthy Affiliate.

    The only category where Wealthy Affiliate “beats” Solo Build It! is in the worst level of failure, “Invisible” (i.e., they get no detectable traffic). 87% of Wealthy Affiliate sites are “Invisible.”

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